IMAGINE Magazine 2020 shares evidence-based information and trends related to early childhood music therapy through various media.

imagine 2020 was conceptualized as an international issue echoing WFMT’s World Congress of Music Therapy in Pretoria, South Africa – not knowing what we all would face with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. During the past months, I have been in contact with authors from over 40 countries hearing about their struggles, concerns, and health. Yet, every single person wanted to continue with the “colors of us: early childhood music therapy around the world” project. Once more, early childhood music therapists demonstrated dedication, resilience, and grace during a crisis that demanded so much of everyone. In the new iBook, you will find a wealth of information about cultural responsiveness, diverse language learners, trauma-informed care for displaced children, and how early childhood music therapists work around the world. – Dr. Petra Kern, Editor-in-Chief

Source: imagine Magazine

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