International Research in the Arts Therapies

A Routledge Book Series

Series Editors: Diane Waller and Sarah Scoble

A collaboration between ECArTE  (European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education) and ICRA (International Centre for Research in Arts Therapies, Imperial College, London)

This series consists of high-level monographs identifying areas of importance across all arts therapy modalities and highlighting international developments and concerns. It presents recent research from countries across the world and contributes to the evidence-base of the arts therapies. Papers which discuss and analyse current innovations and approaches in the arts therapies and arts therapy education are also included.

This series is accessible to practitioners of the arts therapies and to colleagues in a broad range of related professions, including those in countries where arts therapies are still emerging. The monographs should also provide a valuable source of reference to government departments and health services.

Traditions in Transition in the Arts Therapies by Richard Hougham, Salvo Pitruzzella, Sarah Scoble and Hilda Weingrower (eds) (2019).  University of Plymouth Press.

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