After working at The State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg) for more than ten years as a curator (for contemporary art and then developing educational and therapeutic programmes for people with special needs), Nana pursued her interest in Art Psychotherapy and received qualifications in 2003 from Goldsmiths College (London).  She was also trained as a group therapist at IGA/Birkbeck. After working in various settings (mental health, education), she has been involved in establishing new psychosocial services in paediatrics at Harley Street Clinic and is part of multidisciplinary team. Her professional interests are in the field of adult and paediatric oncology, family work, attachment-based therapy and mentalisation.

She is actively involved in UK-based BAAT subgroups (Creative Response – Art Therapy and Cancer; and Museums and Art Therapy). She has facilitated the process of professional collaboration between British and Russian art therapists, introducing innovative elements of British practice to Russian practitioners. She has been teaching at various institutions including IATE (London) and the Moscow Institute of Psychology. She takes an active interest in the latest research and keeps up with recent debates in the field of art therapy by contributing to a number of professional journals (such as the BAAT Newsbriefing, and The Moscow Psychological Journal), and she has also published and edited books on art education and art therapy, the most recent being, “Art Therapy. Dialogues: Russia-Britain” (2008, St.Petersburg).

She is currently delivering a programme of creative interventions with patients and staff aiming to improve multidisciplinary care in medical settings.

• Publications: Author of the chapters for two books that will be released in 2020

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley 

  • Art therapy and museums’ (Ed. Coles, A. and Jury, H).
  • ‘Paediatric medical Art Therapy’ (Ed. Itczak, M.)
  • Author of a book (available only in Russian): Арт-терапия. Диалог Россия – Великобритания.